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“Breaking Bipolar by Troy Steven is a no-holds-barred view of bipolar disorder. Steven offers riveting first-hand descriptions of his own episodes and those of people he interviewed.  Steven provides an aggressive action plan to manage One’s symptoms and life in general, covering everything from creating a balanced medical protocol to selecting compatible psychiatrists. This refreshing book is a boon to persons with bipolar disorder, professionals in the field, and interested friends and family members.”
Ellen Bowers
“This book is a must read for anyone struggling with bipolar illness. It is also an excellent resource for healthcare providers to use as a structural template to help patients organize their care. Concise, well organized and interesting enough to keep you reading.”
Scott Meithke
“I will tell you what is most appreciable, at least in my opinion, about the book, Breaking Bipolar. It in no uncertain terms addresses the subject of the true nature of bipolar medication. This is perhaps the most pressing subject regarding the treatment and management of bipolar disorder. Patients, their family members, friends and even the doctors are rarely found to be completely satisfied with prescribed medication. This results in a lot of pain to everyone. This is an excellent resource for patients and caregivers.”
S.K. Ditka
“Breaking Bipolar is exactly what a person who lives with bipolar disorder needs! As a therapist, I see how this disorder wreaks havoc on a person's entire life. Bipolar Disorder is an "emotional cancer"—once someone knows they are in an episode it is often too late to stop the damage. That's why having a well thought out plan can help tremendously in identifying and preventing an oncoming episode. It will be the first book I recommend to my bipolar clients.”
Ken Kuhn
“Having served as a mental health counselor/therapist for over 30 years, I find this self-help book to be dynamite. It contains all the elements I would ever suggest that such a book should contain. The author describes an episode in such detail you can sense you are there—authentic and transparent. He gets to the core of why these episodes are serious—LIFE AND DEATH SERIOUS.”
Dr. Gary Butler